3D printing with us
About the Plasmics StartUp

The start-up Plasmics transforms the landscape of ecological production. We aim to design, manufacture, sell and service the world’s most promising additive manufacturing technologies. We want to provide customers the opportunity to manufacture made to measure solutions in specific quantities. We innovate for one of the fastest growing markets. Plasmics is committed to hire and develop unique talent from around the world for any discipline. Based in Vienna, Austria and in parts funded by state and EU funds we work to build an inclusive work environment focused on shared goals.

We welcome people regardless of gender, race, religion or background to do their best work. Each team member is expected to challenge and be challenged, to create and to innovate beyond interdisciplinary boarders. We’re tackling the world’s most promising technologies and the most important problems and aim our shared passion at making the world a better place.

Send your CV and an overview over relevant professional and personal projects and a letter of motivation!




40 h

Entry salary of 55k€/Yr or above



40 h

Entry salary of 62k€/Yr or above




20 h

Faire Entlohnung


We are looking for an experienced full stack web-developer that brings along the fascination in the area of 3D printing and is available to 

energetically support our team.

Entry salary of 55k€/Yr or above. 

Send your CV and an overview over relevant professional and personal

projects and a letter of motivation to

What we are looking for:
  • Have a solid working knowledge of web and API development or web technologies

  • Familiarity with python web application servers and frameworks (Flask, Django, FastAPI)

  • Familiarity with at least one of the popular
    JavaScript frontend frameworks
    (react.js, vue.js)

  • A solid understanding of how web applications work. Including security, session management and best development practices

  • Knowledge of NoSQL (preferrable mongoDB) DB systems or SQL (yet again object oriented
    programming and web application development)

  • Straight problem diagnosis and creative
    problem-solving skills

  • Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced
    environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques

  • At least 3+ years of relevant experience

  • Support throughout the course of the project, including the analysis, specification and design phases

  • Understanding of usability and graphical layouts is an advantage

  • Bachelor’s degree (or HTL) in Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science

What can you expect:
  • Exciting projects with technical variety

  • Flat hierarchies, high flexibility & a lot of creative freedom

  • Further development opportunities


Du hast Erfahrung mit 3D-Druckern? Kennst dich bereits aus mit CAD Programmen?

Dich fasziniert die additive Fertigung?        


Wir suchen genau dich! Werde Teil vom Plasmics Team und “revolutionize 3D printing with us!”

20 Stunden - faire Entlohnung 

Schick uns deinen Lebenslauf und eine Übersicht über relevante persönliche oder berufliche Projekte, sowie ein Motivationsschreiben an

  • Abschluss der Grundlagenmodule an der TU/FH, oder dementsprechend größeres Portfolio an privaten Projekten

  • Faszination für additive Fertigung

  •  Erfahrung mit 3D-Druckern notwendig

  • Erfahrung mit CAD Programmen

  • Selbständiges und konzentriertes zu Arbeiten

  • Teamfähigkeit

  • Strukturiert und zielgerichtet

  • Guter Umgang mit Rückschlägen/Optimistisch

  • Zeitlich flexibel

  • Technisch begabt

  • Handling von 3D Druckern

  • Aufbereitung von 3D Daten für den 3D Druck

  • Erstellung von speziell für den 3D Druck ausgelegten Modellen

  • Nachzeichnen von bestehenden Objekten und Umsetzung in 3D

  • Entwicklung von gemeinsamen Ideen

Wir bieten:
  • 20 Stunden die Woche

  • Gehalt aliquot entsprechend Vollanstellungsgehalt 22.000€/Jahr

  • Junges, dynamisches Team

  • Gute Anbindung (Lange Gasse 31, 1080 Wien)


We are looking for an experienced DATA SCIENTIST that brings along the fascination in the area of 3D printing and is available to energetically support our team.

Entry salary of 62k€/Yr or above. 

Send your CV and an overview over relevant professional and personal

projects and a letter of motivation to

  • Master/PhD in Computer Science, Data Science and professional experience is desired

  • Experience with system analysis, project
    management, system integration and quality control

  • Experience with operating systems (Windows, Linux), .NET, application servers, interfaces and various IT management tools

  • Several years of design experience of complex relational databases such as DB2, My (SQL) or Oracle (or Oracle RDBMS) as well as the
    associated database management

  • Knowledge of non-relational databases

  • Profound knowledge of scripting languages,
    primarily Python as well as JavaScript, PHP

  • Notable knowledge of programming languages ​​(C ++, Java, C #)

  • Understanding of middleware in the area of
    ​​decentralized communication and interfaces

  • Basic understanding of data visualization

  • Strong know-how in statistics

  • In addition to good communication skills, we would like you to be a good team player, be flexible, analytical thinking and resilience to high psychological stress

  • Good written and spoken German and English

  • Constant and independent education in the relevant areas

  • Working with customers and specialist
    to develop adequate database models for processing the resulting machine-, person-, order-, material- and process data.

  • Development of bidirectional solutions for
    communication with various ERP systems.

  • Ability to write structured software that can also be used and developed by other employees

  • Data preparation from various hardware and software sources.

We offer
  • Demanding tasks with further technical bandwidth

  • Flat hierarchy, high flexibility & lots of creative freedom

  • Further training opportunities