3D Printing

We develop SAM - the next generation

of 3D printers.

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The future 3d printer
The first automated multi-material professional 3D printer.

Print up to 6 different materials and/or colours in one go. 

Machine learning

Our computer vision-machine learning algorithm ensures highest quality of every individual printed product. When an error is detected, the system will stop the printing or send an alert. 

Super fast

Our novel inductive nozzle ensures up to 50% faster printing than competitors.

Tool Box

External exchangeable cartridges which ensure a high adaptility of the system and allows the use of multiple materials, various nozzle sizes and different tools. 

Easy to use

Our user friendly online platform, computer vision-based machine learning and the easy handling/changing of the ToolBoxes allows everyone to work with the printer. 


Not only can we print biodegradable/compostable materials, 3d printing reduces CO2 emission due to the reduced delivery route/no more delivery due to in house production. 

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Our goal

We focus on developing the perfect 3d printer to print medical devices such as orthoses, protheses, casts, corsets etc. Our printer will not only help people to have a better life with perfectly fitted devices which are available within a few hours instead of weeks. Our printer will also help to 

Save time and costs

Reduce waste

Reduce transport routes

Reduce CO2 emission

Reduce production time

Make you more independent (reduced supply chain)

Give your clients exactly what they need

Print it!
Use Case - Medical devices

Making perfectly fitted and customised protheses and orthoses. Available in a few hours instead of weeks. 

Conventional method

Frequent visits to the orthopedist
Long waiting/production times
Usually not locally produced
Many Production Steps

With our 3D-Printer

From scan to device in a few hours
Create on demand and locally
Printed in one go, fast and simple
No 3D printing specialist needed
Biodegradable/compostable materials
More sustainable (less CO2 emission)

Technical Specs
Induction nozzle

Can be heated up and cooled down quickly, which allows for an overall faster printing process.

Cartridge systems

The easily replaceable material cartridges give flexibility.

Exchange mechanism

6 or more materials with different properties can be automatically combined in one print.

Self-learning software

The printing process is adapted in real time for optimal result.

Possible Materials

Share creative ideas with other 3D printing enthusiasts. You saw an object you liked on the internet? Print it yourself. By connecting with the person.



Filler Materials

Carbon firme, Glass fibre, Woodfill, Kevlar, Metals

Other potential materials

Chocolate, Wax, Sugar,

Poro-Lay, Flourescente, Color Changing, Ceramic,
Clay, Silver-tin

Special Tools

for special applications:

Silver-tin, Tin

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Our team of specialists delivers the most seamless and user friendly 3D printing experience yet.


Konrad S.
„I plan things and keep
everything going.“

Nadia M.
PR & Marketing

„Marketing, social media and graphic design is my trade.“

Stefan S.
Head of Development

„I develop Hardware, Materials and Surfaces.“


Paul M.
Head of IT

„I breath life into our electronics.“

Christian m.

Maximilian s.
Hardware Design


Katharina Z.

Operations Assistant


Diksha T.

Data Scientist


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We have many different 3D printers in our office and we are happy to print things for you!

Our skilled team is here to help and together we can find the perfect solution! 

We are also alway looking for potential partners to develop new ideas and new technologies! 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815724


This is an AWS Creative Impact project and has received funding from the

Austrian business agency


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