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Did you know...#PrintSPEED


Speed is keeping your 3D printer back,

and this is responsible for it:

According to this MIT paper there are three major factors limiting the speed of your 3D printing:

The Hotend (liquefier & nozzle)

The Extruder (filament feed)

The Motion system

All three reduce the max attainable speed, however, when keeping quality good, the one factor limiting speed the most is the Hotend and the speed at which the material is melting. This is dependent on the materials conductivity and the inner geometry of the nozzle and there is little one can do about the former.

The way the material melts inside the hotend decides whether you will be printing fast, slow or you end up having hotend jams. A better nozzle and hotend will therefore help you increase your printing speed.

But how to distinguish between good and bad nozzles?

Bad nozzles usually have been machined with less tight tolerances and while there are just a few things nozzles need to be good, there are dozens of things that make them bad.

- The drilled holes may not be round and central, but oval and skewed to one side.

- Their inner surface finish may be too rough as to allow the filament to pass quickly or

- they may even have a geometry not facilitating the flow of the material!

So watch out what you stick into your printer, your print speed does depend on it!

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