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The 3D Printer Nozzle of the future
Live on Kickstarter - Autumn 2022
Meet the Space Trident - Our best 3D Printing nozzle 
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Induction Heating

Fast heating & Exact extrusion temperature. No buildup and sticky goo.


The nozzle fits on most printers and works with all filaments.


Say goodbye to swapping nozzles. The Trident allows Multi-Material Prints in one go.

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What is the Trident Nozzle?
  • Induction Heating for faster extrusion
  • Fits on all common 3D printers
  • Works with all filament materials
  • Developed in Vienna & Built in Europe

We focus on developing the perfect 3d printer to print medical devices such as orthoses, protheses, casts, corsets etc. Our printer will not only help people to have a better life with perfectly fitted devices which are available within a few hours instead of weeks. Our printer will also help to 

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Would you like to try the Trident?
Sign up for a chance to win this nozzle for your printer.

The plasmics Trident launches on Kickstarter autumn 2022. By signing up you will be eligible for our raffle to win one Trident nozzle. Additionally you will be able to use our secret pledge on Kickstarter before the Launch.

You will also receive more detailed information about the people behind Plasmics and the Trident Nozzle. 

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